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Practical self-service DevOps with Runbook Automation
DevOps is about bringing teams together to collaborate. In real life, this is easier said than done as development and operations teams often have different priorities. Development teams want to ship code fast and fix problems quickly, whereas operations teams want to provide stable and reliable IT services. There's no single source of truth, and the tooling often gets in the way and reinforces the silos.

Runbook Automation in Octopus allows development and operations teams to work together to automate routine maintenance and self-service without sacrificing control over production.

Join Bob and Derek from our advisory team as they demonstrate practical examples of self-service operations.

What you’ll learn:

- How DevOps automation can break down the silos between Dev and Ops.
- Introduction to runbook automation and self-service operations.
- How to provision cloud infrastructure with Azure Resource Manager templates.
- How to manage your database maintenance with Octopus Runbooks.

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Bob Walker
VP of Octopus Advisory Team @Octopus Deploy
Bob Walker started as a .NET developer back in the days of 1.x when ASP.NET web forms was the hottest new thing. Since that time his passion has expanded from not only writing code to creating a full CI/CD pipeline and adopting DevOps practices. In 2018 he joined Octopus Deploy as a Solutions Architect focused on customer success with how they use Octopus Deploy and is now VP of the Octopus Advisory Team. He is based out of Omaha, Nebraska. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, photography, and spending time with his wife and pets.
Derek Campbell
Senior Solutions Architect @Octopus Deploy
Derek has worked across the world in London, Melbourne, Singapore, and now from home in Glasgow, Scotland, for Octopus Deploy as a Senior Solutions Architect in the Octopus Advisory team. He has been automating CI/CD pipelines for about eight years and has helped lead and implement CI/CD across multiple companies during his time in DevOps & Automation Consultancy. Derek works with and helps Octopus Deploy’s biggest clients with their CI/CD pipeline and helps enable their success with Octopus Deploy.