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Empower your development team with automated deployments and post-deployment verification testing.
Software teams are under increasing pressure to ship code faster and more reliably than ever before. Still, without the right workflow and tools in place, this can introduce unnecessary risks and problems for your users and colleagues.

In this webinar, Senior Solutions Architect Derek Campbell from Octopus and Testery.io founder Chris Harbert will show deploying software into production and how to do post-deployment verification testing to give you peace of mind.

Often organizations do almost all of their testing before deployment using unit, integration, smoke, and regression testing. Post-Deployment testing is just as critical as pre-release testing and in this webinar, we’ll discuss and show:

- How to configure an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps and Octopus Deploy
- How to use Testery.io to do post-deployment verification testing.
- Correlating application problems with deployments to isolate and fix them quickly
- How to compare deployments to see performance gains
- How to configure your post-deployment testing for success

Sep 30, 2020 04:30 PM in London

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Derek Campbell
Senior Continuous Delivery Architect @Octopus Deploy
Derek has worked across the world in London, Melbourne, Singapore, and now from home in Glasgow, Scotland, for Octopus Deploy as a CI/CD Architect in the Customer Success team. He has been automating CI/CD pipelines for about eight years and has helped lead and implement CI/CD across multiple companies during his time in DevOps & Automation Consultancy. Derek works with and helps Octopus Deploy’s biggest clients with their CI/CD pipeline and helps enable their success with Octopus Deploy.
Chris Harbert
Founder @Testery.io
Chris Harbert is the founder of Testery, a cloud-based continuous testing platform. Testery enables teams to run full-stack tests against multiple environments without managing or provisioning additional infrastructure for testing and is perfect for post-deployment verification of your deployments. Chris has 15 years of experience setting up CI/CD deployments and putting in place test automation for startups, B2B SaaS, and Fortune 500 companies.